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Ontario Barrister & Solicitor Indices 2023-2024.


The indices are good to use for the "May/June 2023", November 2023, and March 2024 Barrister & Solicitor exams. A hand-selected group of students have spent hundreds of hours working hard to create quality indices for their exams under the supervision of two Ontario lawyers. Those indices are available for purchase through this site. (See our sample pages) Included free of charge are some of our charts which include a timer sheet, a timeline chart for both the barrister and solicitor exams. It is your responsibility to verify the accuracy of these charts as they have been updated by volunteer students and are given to you as a bonus.



What does it mean? We have three different phases of testing our index. You can read our blog post on quality control to understand more about each of the three phases. The Pre-Release is not our official version of the index. The purpose of getting the pre-released version is so that you can download the index and begin exploring and testing it as you study. You are welcome and encouraged to notify us if you come across any discrepancies in our materials. Our team of students will also be testing the index in their final phase III testing. The cut-off date for submitting corrections is May 5th. On May 8th we will send everyone who purchased the pre-release unprintable version the final printable version of the index. Typically, phase III testing is about fine-tuning the index and we do not expect there to be major updates. The Pre-Release version of the index is locked for editing and printing.  The reason we lock the file is because we expect corrections to be sent into us.  Some students do not read the full description on our website and have been upset when we have sent out an update after they have spent money on printing the materials.  To avoid these issues, the files are locked for printing until phase III testing is completed.


What makes us different?

We have a name - Our founders and our team proudly display our names and stand behind our products.  


Community contribution - we are the only company that invites contributions from the community.  If you wish to participate in our phase III testing, buy our index and suggest corrections or additional entries.  Our team of lawyers will decide which additional entries make the cut into the final version of the index.  The cutoff date for receiving community contributions is May 5th.  It is best to send us one email with all your suggestions rather than multiple emails. Email corrections to


What's New?

Our students have scoured the materials to remove terms that no longer appear in the LSO materials and have added terms to new sections as well as sections that have been missed in previous years. Unlike some other groups that use hundreds of volunteers to produce their index, we keep our group small. This ensures that our terms and indexing style remain as consistent as possible and that we are able to choose the highest caliber students for this project.


The Barrister & Solicitor Indices include an index for each of the following topics: PR, Civil Litigation, Criminal Law, Family Law, Public Law, Business Law, Estate Planning, Real Estate, and an index for each appendix (Rules of Professional Conduct and the LSO Bylaws). You will receive the indices via a unique download link. The indices are in electronic PDF format only. The download will contain a zip file which you will need to first extract (see the instructions below). We do not provide editable working files of the indices for you to make your own updates.


The indices for the Barrister & Solicitor materials are roughly 1040 pages in length. The pages in the index will have either the letter “A” or “B” next to it. “A” represents the left-hand column of the LSO materials and “B” represents the right-hand column of the materials. The professional responsibility index is identical for both the barrister & solicitor exams because the page numbers and sections of the materials are identical for that topic. You will need to print off this index twice. The by-laws and rules of professional conduct are identical in both the barrister & solicitor materials, however, they appear on different pages of the materials. There will be one column for the barrister page numbers and one column for the solicitor page numbers represented by the letters “B” for barrister and “S” for solicitor. The rules of professional conduct index will contain the letters “T”, “M”, “B” which represent the Top, Middle, or Bottom of the page.


How to Unzip Files:

On a PC: To unzip a single file or folder, open the zipped folder, then drag the file or folder from the zipped folder to a new location. To unzip all the contents of the zipped folder, press and hold (or right-click) the folder, select Extract All, and then follow the instructions.


On a Mac: Uncompress (expand) an item: Double-click the .zip file.


Printing Instructions:

The index is structured so that each letter of the index begins on an odd page number. This means that blank pages have purposefully been inserted into the index to ensure each letter begins on the right side of the page. We did this because some students like to buy "A-Z" tabs for each index and having the page start on the right side means whether you print single or double-sided, your tabs will fit in perfectly with your index.


Fine Print:

A lot of work has gone into ensuring that the indices are accurate. However, because of the enormous project and the number of people working on them, it is impossible to catch every single error. It is your responsibility to know the material well enough to navigate both through your indices and the exam materials. By purchasing the indices, you agree that you understand the risks involved in using materials prepared by others and Lex Professional Development Group Inc. will not be held liable for those errors. If you do find errors in the work, please e-mail us at so we can update the materials for other students.


The indices are sold on the condition that they are not to be shared or distributed in any form or fashion. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions page for details for more details. You are purchasing a license to use the indices for your own personal use only. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Barrister & Solicitor Index - 2023-2024

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