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“Liran helps in many unexpected ways. I lacked self confidence and feared the unknown. It was during Liran’s classes where I’ve gotten a clearer view of what to expect and it helped build my self confidence and assurance in passing the exams. I strongly recommend attending Liran’s courses especially for the first exam sitting. Even better, discuss with Liran which exams to write first. Strategize! It’s always better walking in with an edge!”

Carey W

“Thank you Liran for all your help and support. 
You truly are a kind and considerate person. 
You have great motivational skills and I am glad that I met you. 
Your one to one tuition was excellent and helped me pass the examinations. 
I feel really blessed/lucky that I came across a person like you. 
Thank you once again. ”

A. Malik

“I started off buy only purchasing notes and then going on with it.. but after a few failed attempts i started classes with Liran for various subjects.. all those subjects i passed in my first attempt and the exam workshop was the most help regarding how to attempt the exams and what to expect. Lirans classes were a lot of help and shortened my nca time by a lot as i managed to give more exams per session than i would have managed on my own.”

Sahib Mangat

“without Liran I could not have achieved my exams in the timeframe I did! Between his notes and tutoring where you feel weak; for me it was admin, you are guaranteed success if you follow this his expert advice, Liran manages this group for free, dedicates so much of his personal time to us all....I salute you x”

Theresa Nolan

"As someone who obtained their law degree abroad, I found Liran's tutoring to be very helpful. His tutoring approach really does address the difficulties that foreign grads struggle with when it comes to studying and writing the Ontario Bar Exams. It's also very easy to tell that he cares about your success and is in your corner every step of the way. I would highly recommend Liran's Bar Exam tutoring services."

“After the long journey, I have finally been called as a lawyer in Ontario. To those of you who may have recently graduated and are advancing through the NCA process - I cannot recommend Liran’s services enough! I purchased his notes and enrolled in his exam workshops. He completely surpassed my expectations by breaking everything down to it’s absolute core. He really takes time to answer ALL of your questions and makes sure everybody has a firm grip on the topic at hand. Personally I believe the most important aspect is that Liran instills confidence in his students and genuinely wants everyone to succeed. I’ve only met a handful of teachers that truly care. Thanks for everything Liran!”

Orest Kuchar

“Liran.. I passed... Thank you for all the help ( the notes.. Tutorials.. Special tips) thanks a ton!!”

Aparna Das

“Thank you for teaching me and helping me pass my exams while pregnant and with my newborn son. Liran is the best teacher of law for exams ever. I only wish he tutored for the PLTC in BC! I highly recommend him. I had no time to study while working 7 days a week and pregnant. I was so exhausted and plagued with morning sickness but he taught me whole subjects with patience and compassion. And with a newborn I had no sleep and no brain but he still taught me with good humour and kindness. Thank you”

Mieko Bond

“I don’t think there are enough stars to be able to indicate how amazing Liran’s tutoring services are! Not only are the notes thorough and organized, but his intelligence in advising me about my exams was the key. Writing 4 exams in each sitting, I wouldn’t have been able to pass them all on the first go if I didn’t have Liran to help me out!”

Sienna Molu

“Thank you Liran for helping me with studying for all the exams! With your notes and group sessions I didn’t crack open any of the textbooks and with one month studying passed the 4 exams! Moreover, thanks for guiding me in how to tackle each exam which was the most important part (even more than the notes and group classes).”

Vithu Raman

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