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Download the 2023-2024 Ontario Bar Index!

LexPD is happy to announce the Pre-Release version of our 2023-2024 Ontario Bar Indices is now available for download! If you’d like to be part of the limited early access group and get a copy of the Indices before the formal release in May, you can purchase them here.

As a part of the early access group, you will get the pre-release version and the final version when it is released in early May. While the pre-release version has gone through several stages of reviews already, we will be taking further suggestions/edits for inclusion in the final version from anyone in the early access group until May 4, 2023.

As this is not the final version of the Indices, printing is restricted for the Pre-Release version, but you can use it electronically until the final release is available (again, you will automatically receive the final version once it is released).

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