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Planning for the Bar Exams

Studying for the Ontario Barrister & Solicitor Exams can be overwhelming. There are over 1800 pages of reading to get through and without a plan, the task can seem endless.

To make your studying more efficient, you should organize your study schedule. If you're studying for both the barrister & solicitor exams this is the amount of reading you'll have to do.

Barristers - 811 pages

Solicitors - 1048 pages

A number of those pages overlap, so you'll need to deduct those pages to get to the total number of pages. The PR materials are roughly 110 pages, the appendicies are roughly 116 and 62 pages respectively. Finally, the last 9 pages of the materials are the table of cases (which are pretty useless for the exam) and so you can deduct the name pages from both the barrister and the solicitor materials which gives you a total of 18 pages to deduct.

So, here's the break down of the page numbers

811 + 1048 - 110 - 116 - 62 - 18 = 1553 pages in total.

I would plan to read all the materials twice 1553*2= Roughly 3100 pages

Then take a fresh calendar and count the number of days you have until each exam. Plan to study about 5 days a week and leave a 6th day for extra catch up. Take the total number of pages and divide it by the number of days you have to study and that will give you the amount of pages you should be reading per day.

Pro Tips: Remember to leave yourself 3-4 days to try practice exams. Also, remember that you have an extra couple of weeks to study for the solicitor exam after you've written the barrister. Make sure you factor in those days into your calculations.

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