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Three phases of creating an index - LexPD

Welcome to the second installment of our blog series. In our previous post, Liran covered the three crucial components necessary for creating a strong Ontario Bar Index.

This week, I want to discuss the fourth and most vital component: peer review and testing.

As of today, we have finished the first phase of indexing, where our dedicated indexing team conducted a careful reading of the new 2024/25 LSO Bar materials and updated the 2023/24 Index Terms as necessary. This phase ensures that we build on the strong foundation of past indexes while providing accurate information and page numbers to match this year’s study materials.

Now, in Phase II, our team will conduct quality control via a practice-question-driven peer-review process. During this phase, our team members check each other’s indexing work by using the index to answer real-world practice questions. If they find errors or mistakes, these will be flagged and corrected.

In about one week, we will be ready for Phase III. In this phase, we issue a Pre-Release version of the Index to the public. While students cannot print this version of the Index, they will have full digital access and an opportunity to provide feedback on the Index.

After all three of these phases are complete, we will release the final 2024/25 Ontario Bar Index which students can print and use on the Ontario Bar Exam. Our estimated release date for the final Ontario Bar Index.

This three-phase approach is a proven system that has allowed us to produce a reliable and high-quality index for over ten years. We hope you’ve found this explainer helpful and informative.

Tiffany Sillanpää

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