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The LSO has rendered its decision in the cheating investigation.

Decisions in the November 2021 Barrister and Solicitor online licensing exam cheating investigation were made in relation to most of the people being investigated by the LSO.

A number of candidates were selected based on their results in July and August of this year, and recommendations of a forensic analysis conducted by testing security experts and other information obtained as part of a preliminary investigation involving prohibited conduct. The investigations concluded that prohibited conduct was committed in connection to the November 2021 licensing entrance exam.

Candidates were warned that they could face consequences from the LSO's mission to protect the public interest and maintain the integrity of the licensing process and public confidence in the legal profession. Candidates were given another opportunity to respond to the investigators if they wished.

Candidates were made aware by the LSO and Accreditation Division in August, September, and October of this year that they had made a decision on the administrative consequences based on available evidence.

These are some of the findings by the LSO administration:

  • Some individuals' exam results are void.

  • Some individuals were advised that in addition to their exam results being void their licensing process is void too.

  • Other individuals were advised that no further action will be taken against them with respect to their exam as their exam results and their registration is not void.

The LSO gave candidates the opportunity to ask the Executive Director, Professional Development and Competence to review the outcome determination and to provide additional information in support of their application. There is still an opportunity for some candidates to apply for a review.

The LSO continues to investigate a number of other individuals.

Please find the link to the original article on the law society website for detailed information here: Decisions rendered in investigation into cheating | Law Society of Ontario (

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